Wine Tasting Adventure in California


After Connect Live 2018 was over in San Francisco, what is a Local Guide suppose to do? Well, of course, take a day trip to California Wine Country to drink wine, in particular, drive up to Sonoma County from San Francisco! , an Italy Local Guide and one of the Local Guides Connect Moderators, was …

Source: Wine Tasting Adventure in California

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Hotel the Sarah’s Barcelona Spain.

 This is a hotel that pays homage to the city’s history and landmarks. It’s Picasso’s suite is a reminder of the famous painters first studio which guests can actually visit during their

stay in Barcelona.

The hotel’s rooftop terrace and oversized rooms echo the classic architectural style of the

region and the interior is decorated in terms of grey silver beige and mustard with hints of green that echo the sea.

The overall image is that of a vibrant destination with a calm and sophisticated to Loren ambiance. If you have a wedding coming up the type of place that you might enjoy visiting on your honeymoon. The booking right here can range from $250 a night in January to an average of 450 dollars a night the rest of the year.

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