Beautiful Ada

Beautiful Ada

This November, I had the opportunity to join my fellow colleagues to a retreat in Ada, a 90 minutes drive outside Accra, the capital town of Ghana, in west Africa. Amongst the numerous resorts, we booked Aqua Safari Resort. This place is so beautiful, the horses, the donkeys, the donkeys, the ostric…

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Minimize those three expenses to some minimum

And they told me if you minimize those three expenses to some minimum,
it can actually be cheaper to travel than live in your own city.

I listened to them, and for the next five years,
I’ve been travelling around the world,
And this is how I did it: first thing, I hitchhiked.

Apart from being free, apart from being really fast, it allowed me one amazing thing, to have an adventure between point A and point B.
There are other alternatives to transportation.

One of them is walking, So, you just take your backpack and hit the road.
Another way is cycling; it’s not maybe completely free, because you have to buy the bicycle, and eventually fix it, but it’s much cheaper than the conventional methods of transportation.

And the last one is actually working in exchange for transportation.

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