Penambah Rasa tambahan


Rasanya kurang mantap kalau hanya mengandalkan rasa original dari rumah makan atau Resto. Rumah makan atau resto biasa menyediakan penambah rasa tambahan di atas meja.  Yang sering ada adalah sambal dan saos. Tapi untuk rumah makan / resto yang besar tidak hanya satu sambal.  Banyak macam sambal yan…

Source: Penambah Rasa tambahan

That you can Actually

There is no one Defined path to success in whatever you want to do in your life you

Have to believe It enough That you can Actually

Do It because no one is gonna believe it for you no One’s gonna believe that an idea you

Have in here could potentially One day become Your reality

That’s too Far-fetched That’s too Big of an idea That’s not gonna Happen to you no One’s gonna believe You have to believe and buy into your dream enough to make It Happen

This is the reminder to myself

Never Again Will That ever Cross my Mind that I’m bored i am Out here and i am living the life?

Now i make a Living at Traveling The World and This is my Story My

Next Goal My Big Goal Part of the biggest go up set for Myself in a long time by This time Next year i

Want to be Able to quit my day Job and Be Doing YouTube full-time be doing YouTube full-time doing YouTube full-Time

In the bridge Now we are on the bridge now?

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