Sailing with whales


Puerto Madryn, la perla de la patagonia   Navegando con ballenas     Un largo viaje desde Trelew, atravesar toda la estepa patagónica desde la montaña a la costa. Tenía muchas ganas de llegar  aquí, era la segunda vez que visitaba esta ciudad, pero fue hace tantos años que ya no recuerdo nada de el…

Source: Sailing with whales

A long journey from Trelew, traverse the entire Patagonian steppe from the mountains to the coast. I really wanted to get here, it was the second time visiting this city, but it was so many years I can not remember anything she does.

First night in Madryn, of course eat seafood, haha ​​are my weakness, looking for the best restaurants in Google Maps.

Next day to Punta Pyramids to do whale watching, one of the most important for tourism in Puerto Madryn activities.

Visit the best hotel:

The Rainbow Inn

(Rainbow Inn, Queen’s Hwy, Alice Town, Bahamas)

Eighth on this list is annoy la siesta a beautiful and luxurious hotel located in Vietnam. Here the guests are greeted by a warm welcome and a promise of a very relaxing and peaceful experience.

This hotel stands close to the city’s major attractions including the home kind lake it’s 50

bedrooms includes suites and duplex rooms all with comfortable and inviting interiors.

In addition to these rooms the hotel also has a spa a gym and a movie theater which the guests can enjoy during their stay if you want to book a room here it’s going to cost you about 102 dollars per night the most affordable month to visit the hotel Bay June and on this list that’s not a bad deal.

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