Sometimes all you need is a Freakshake


Source: Sometimes all you need is a Freakshake

How to make a Freakshake?

 It’s time to get free kick all right we are going to make a free check these are all over the internet is time that’s hot this bake made the most delicious

free check you will ever have so I’ve got my fancy little jar.

Here we’re gong to do is I’ve malted some chocolate with a little bit of milk and I’ve mixed that in the microwave just for 10 seconds until it’s really smooth and thick. And what we’re going to do now is we’re going to decorate our glass.

So I’m gonna take my spoon full of chocolate and I’m gonna spread this around the inside of  the glass and you just dump it on.

And it’s really messy and it doesn’t  really matter what it looks like you just want to get it super messy once you have that all around the inside your jar and it look really messy.

What we’re going to cover the rim now you might think what you’re going covering the edge of your glass and chocolate but this is the Freak shake style so literally  take more of your chocolate and just spread it all around  the rim of your glass like this and then we’re going to pimp this thing out because we are going to add sprinkles right once you have a really thick layer.

We’ve got chocolate heaven going on here people we are going to pimp this thing out with some pink sprinkles. Now you can go for whatever sprinkle you fancy but all you need to do is just lay them all over the top your glass and this is going to get a bit messy. They’ll probably go everywhere and once you have totally pimped.

For this freakshake recipe you will need:

Chocolate Ganache

55g Chocolate

1Tbsp Milk Vanilla Milkshake

160g Vanilla Ice Cream

200ml Whole Milk Whipped Cream

150ml Double Cream

½ Tsp Vanilla Extract

½ Tsp Sugar

To Serve

Vanilla Ice Cream

Brownie Pieces

Remaining Chocolate Ganache