The Land of Whisky


Speyside – is a region in Scotland in the Highlands, in marvelous land, along the river Spey. Here are produced half the production of whiskey, which is produced in Szkocji.Whisky jakości- best Single Malt

Source: The Land of Whisky

Scottish whiskey’s

Scotland’s gift to the world I’m going on a pilgrimage to find out why such a
simple drink has come to mean so much. I’ll be meeting the people and traveling to the places immersed and Scottish whiskey’s waddled story this is the taleof an ancient craft that became a global Colossus it is the tale of scotch.
They branded this stuff Sweden Scotland.
The one country that has given its name unchangeable a to a product that is known and accepted in every corner of the world.
Scotch enjoyed by all peoples on all occasions for half a millennium.
Scotch whisky has been made by the fermenting and distilling of water.

Beautiful coast – wild landscape created by nature, kilometers of paths built by man can walk for hours, enjoying the extraordinary beauty of nature.

Apparently Speyside is always near two destylatorni.Whisky is aged at least 3 years. During this process evaporates about 2% of alcohol a year, the so-called Angel’s share. … I wonder if it could have an effect on mood? 😁 Can you call it a tasting involuntarily? 😁

It should go to Scotland at the turn of April and May April / May) because then it takes the Spirit of Speyside Whiskey Festival 

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