Visita al poblat alt-medieval del Serrat (Albanyà) i del seu colomar, únic conegut a Europa construït amb la tècnica antiga de l’ “opus spicatum” (construcció en que les pedres estan col·locades en forma d’espina de peix, és una tècnica constructiva típica de l’Alta edat mitjana, segles IX-XI).    …


Was it worth it?

You know we were really scared for all these years, but was it worth it?
and my answer is always “definitely yes”.

I’ve learned a lot of things, most of them are just like some personal nature things so I won’t be talking about that, but I also learned some general fruits.

I learned not to trust media, and all their “horror stories”.

I learned that we should preserve our earth.

I learned to tear down my prejudices, that was probably one of the most important things.

I learned that all the people around the world, no matter how much we try to point out the differences between the cultures, races, religions, and so on, we’re all actually basically the same.

And one also interesting thing, when you come back home, people are kind of afraid of leaving, because they don’t know what’s going to wait for them once they come back.

There’s a big probability you will be a star.

But after a while, it kinda gets boring; you’re tired of telling your own story, people are tired of listening to it, and this post travelling depression kicks in.

Then you actually have three options.

One of them is to just settle down to your old lifestyle. You still have your old friends, they’re still talking about the same things, going to the same places, maybe you can get your old job back, and after a while it’s ok.

You feel safe living there; but you kind of miss that guy who has been travelling, having this intensity wherever he goes.

The second option is to take your backpack, and say, “Oh no, I can’t live here” and just head back to the road.

You will have that intensity, you’ll meet amazing people, have adventures every single day.

But after a while, you’ll miss something; you’ll miss belonging to a story.
The third option is actually the balance of these two: so stay in one place, but still don’t loose that intensity.

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