Visiting the lands of the red dragon


Haya por el año 1865, 165 almas vinieron de Gales en Inglaterra, buscando poder ser ellos mismos con sus tradiciones y su fe. Entraron a la Patagonia por el golfo nuevo en Chubut y de allí, siguieron buscando hasta que se establecieron en lo que hoy es Trevelin, allí el Dragón rojo volvió a flamear …

Source: Visiting the lands of the red dragon

Hague for the year 1865, 165 souls came from Wales in England, looking to be themselves with their traditions and their faith. They entered the Patagonia by the new Gulf in Chubut and from there continued searching until they settled in what is now Trevelin, there the Red Dragon again free flame without any strings attached, tenacity and strength of these settlers made in these lands wheat was grown and exported to Buenos Aires as well as sheep’s wool, today the mill where processed wheat we have, now a museum and several teahouses with traditional Welsh cake which are almost real museums.

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